Vertical Valet Dumbwaiters are available as stock units or can be custom built to your specifications giving you the maximum usable cab space and all at a surprisingly affordable price.

Vertical Valet Dumbwaiters can be customized to accommodate multiple doors, top or bottom motors and units that serve as many floors as you require. All our dumbwaiters have fully integrated Safety Features. Commercial versions can be upgraded to a 350 pound lift capacity. Our cabs are finished with a durable, easy to clean, high quality laminate. We also offer a brushed Stainless Steel option for commercial and medical applications or for home owners wanting the very best.

Whether you're designing a new home or remodeling, you should strive for luxury, convenience and comfort. A built-in Vertical Valet dumbwaiter from Ultimate Die Corp will fulfill those desires.

The Vertical Valet dumbwaiter may be used to carry cocktails from the kitchen or bar to the terrace, bring groceries from the garage, haul logs for the fire or ferry cleaning equipment between floors. In addition, Vertical Valets are used in many commercial applications around the world.
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December 18th, 2018

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