Using the Vertical Valet Dumb Waiter When Bill Nelliger and Mark Smith were creating the motif for their new Metro restaurant in downtown Tampa, Florida, they had a minor functional issue integrating their lower 3000 square feet of floor space with a 1500 square foot balcony along two walls. Although adding to the style and ambiance of the design the balcony caused logistical problems for their servers.

Looking for an option they contacted Russ Lester, the president of Ultimate Die Corporation and manufacturer of the Vertical Valet dumbwaiter, to see if a dumbwaiter might mitigate some of their issues. Ultimate Die Corporation, UDC, along with their standard line of dumbwaiters specializes in custom dumbwaiter designs for difficult applications. Some of their projects have included stainless steel weather proof units for penthouse decks in Manhattan and Honolulu, and personal man lifts to carry an elderly Yacht owner from the deck to his bridge.

The requirement was perfect for the use of a dumbwaiter. However, following the standard procedure for Using the Vertical Valet Dumb Waiter dumbwaiters would require construction of a dedicated shaft for the unit which would require extensive renovation work plus a delay in the scheduled opening.

The solution was a free standing unit. The design requirements were aided by the general retro decor of the facility. The unit consists of a metal frame with the openings filled with diamond-perforated panels. Diners are protected from any danger but can fully view all the working elements of the unit.

Using the Vertical Valet Dumb Waiter The unit was completed and functioning at the UDC facility before it was delivered to the site. It was equipped with a removable set of casters. Upon delivery it was wheeled into the restaurant, raised into position, leveled, the casters removed, fastened to the structure, plugged in and it was operational.

The unit is equipped with a counter and each evening a lucky guest who can guess the number of trips The Vertical Valet has made, receives a free treat.
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July 15th, 2020

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