One Approach the inclusion of a dumbwaiter as you would any other serious component. Next to your garage door, it will be the largest moving component in your project.

Two Determine the most suitable location for the unit. You are going to build a shaft, a vertical tunnel, much like a laundry chute or closets on top of one another with no floors or ceilings. Be sure to consider heating ducts, water pipes and electrical wiring. The shaft should be insulated and sheetrocked to prevent noise and heat transmission.

Three It's not recommended that you attempt to squeeze a shaft between floor joists. Your cost is not affected by size. Each unit is custom made and it is best to make any required structural changes to get the maximum efficient shaft size.

Four Determine the direction you would like the loading doors to face at each level. Vertical Valets can be supplied to handle any number of stops with the doors facing any of three directions at each level.

Five Attempts to use the thin walls of cabinet systems as part of the shaft is not recommended as they do not provide adequate support. When designing your cabinet doors and shaft walls for a particular level, you can make them in the same finish and style as the surrounding cabinets.
Six We strongly discourage locating loading doors at floor level. If you do this you will be bending down and lifting the cargo the three feet, every time you use the unit.. If there is a clearance problem above the upper loading door, the motor can be mounted at ground level. In particularly difficult situations, we can design a custom arrangement for your application.

Seven We build your unit based on the interior finished dimensions of the shaft and the vertical rough opening of the loading doors. After insulation and sheetrock, the shaft should be no smaller than 20" X 20" and no larger than 30" X 30" We can accommodate any combination of these dimensions between 20" and 30". The vertical rough opening for the loading doors is 26" min. to 34" max.

Eight To achieve particular INTERIOR CAB dimensions, the FINISHED INTERIOR SHAFT dimensions should be as follows: Shaft interior Width equals 5-1/4" plus the desired interior width of your cab Shaft interior Depth equals 2" Plus the desired interior depth of your cab Loading Door vertical rough opening equals 4" Plus the desired interior cab height

Nine The unit must have a 20 amp dedicated circuit. This circuit should go thru a standard toggle switch at each level, close to the loading door, so it can be reached in an emergency by anyone operating the unit. Custom warning toggle switch plates are supplied. All control wiring is low voltage.
Send a message to Vertical Valet
Send a message to Vertical Valet
Send a message to Vertical Valet
Custom Pricing starts as low as $3295

Ten To price your unit, apply the following costs:
Two Stop Unit $2995.00 Ninety Degree Door Openings $495.00
Three Stop Unit $3995.00 Extra Door Openings, Each $175.00
Four Stop Unit $4995.00 Motor Below Option $495.00
Five Stop Unit $5995.00 Extra Vertical Travel For Two Stop (Over 12 Feet) $225.00
Rear Door Openings $175.00 Custom Interior Color (Standard is Beige) $250.00
Stainless Steel Cab $2000.00
All prices FOB Tampa, Florida - Please call with your location for a freight estimate.

Eleven To order your unit, or confirm costs, fill out the information on the
Adobe PDF Order Specifications Worksheet » and fax or E-mail to us.

Note on the drawing any special options such as alternate cab colors or motor location. The standard color is beige. If you require assistance or clarifications on any items in this ROAD MAP, please call us (1-800-825-3880     Local or International: 1-813-886-5967). We'll be happy to help.
June 4th, 2020

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