LIFT MECHANISM: An oil bath gear reducer with minimum 1/2 HP-110v single phase motor and electric brake. Unit to contain all electrical controls, except limit switches, control stations and emergency power control switches. Lift cable to be 1/8" diameter Aircraft Quality Steel.

ELECTRICAL CONTROLS: Push button or key switch at each level to call or send cab. On installations for more than two floor applications, a control panel shall be supplied at each floor to call cab to that floor or send cab to any other desired floor. Limit switches to be track mounted to compensate for cable stretch or uneven cable wrap. All electrical componenets and wiring to be Underwriters laboratory listed.

ELECTRICAL SUPPLY:Electrical drawing Contractor to supply standard toggle switch at each floor, fully visible to individual operating unit. Switches to be wired in series with 110 volt power to completely cut power to motor unit in event of an emergency. Manufacturer will supply red toggle cover plates for emergency switches indicating switches are to be used to cut power in the event of an emergency. Power to terminate in motor area with standard duplex, grounded receptacle.

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SAFETY: Each loading door to have an electro-mechanical interlock system to prevent unit from operating unless doors are closed and to lock doors unless dumbwaiter cab is at that level. Cab to include a mechanical locking brake unit that locks the cab to the track if the cable parts. Unit to include a slack cable switch that turns off the motor if the cable goes slack for any reason.

CAB: Constructed of multi-laminated plywood, minimum 1/2" thick. Interior of cab covered with beige formica. Exterior of cabinet to be coated with several coats of hard clear lacquer.(Or optional stainless steel cab with brushed finish.) Cab to be supplied with drop down doors to contain contents while cab is in motion. Drop down door shall be equipped with a positive latching mechanism and be designed such that it will not stay in up position unless securely latched. Cab to be guided by 4-UHMW plastic blocks to assure quiet operation and wear resistance.

MECHANICAL SUPPORTS & GUIDE RAILS: All supports and guide rails to be construed of structural grade aluminum.

WIRING & INSTALLATION: Installation shall be performed by a qualified individual or an Ultimate Die approved installer. All 110V wiring shall be performed by a licensed electrician and shall conform to all local and national electrical codes and specifications.

NOTE: Unit is not designed or intended for use as a human carrier.
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