Technical Specifications

The Vertical Valet dumbwaiter is custom manufactured to each individual requirement.

The finished footprint of the shaft (after sheet rock) should be a minimum of 20" by 20", a maximum of 30" by 30" or any combination of these dimensions.

Vertical dimensions are measured in the rough. The maximum vertical rough dimension for the loading door openings is 34”. See the shaft preparation drawing for additional details.
Shaft PreparationSee Drawing »

The dumbwaiter is available for service up to five levels with doors at each level facing in any of three directions. The only components not supplied are the exterior cabinet doors, as these should be designed to match the decor at each level.

The standard location of the motor is above the top loading door. As an option the motor can be located below the lower door opening. This allows for installations where there is insufficient clearance at the top.

The cab is constructed of a multi-laminate plywood and the interior is covered in a beige formica. Optional stainless steel cabs are available.

Our dumbwaiter is totally safety integrated. It will not operate unless all doors are closed and no door can be opened unless the cab is at that level.

The Vertical Valet contains a broken cable brake which locks the cab in position, if the cable should part for any reason.

If the cab should jamb, a slack cable switch turns off the power until the problem is corrected.
motor A powerful 1/2 horsepower, oil bath gear drive U.L. Listed motor unit lifts the cab through it's travel, carrying loads up to 150 pounds. The unit includes an electric brake to accurately stop the cab at each level.

The only 110 volt requirement is a circuit wired in series through toggle switches located at each level, terminating in a duplex outlet. These switches are only used as an emergency shut off if a problem occurs. The motor unit plugs into this outlet.
Electrical Requirements See Drawing »

All other wiring is low voltage and installation can be accomplished by any competent craftsman.

It is advisable to plan the installation of a Vertical Valet Dumbwaiter in the initial design phase of your project. However, they can easily be incorporated right up to final sheet rock installation. Of course with some renovation they can be installed in existing homes.

The only special structural requirement for your dumbwaiter are triple studs on the walls where the track will mount. Drawings can be provided based on your door configurations. The custom extruded aluminum guide tracks are lag screwed to this member. The computer generated manufacturing spec sheets allow for minor variations in shaft dimensions. The tracks are shimmed during the installation to accommodate these variations.

It is important that door openings and exterior doors are constructed as indicated on shaft preparation drawing.
Shaft Preparation See Drawing »

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June 5th, 2020

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